Hello, everyone!  My name is Emily and I'm from the beautiful Smoky Mountains of Western North Carolina. I specialize in minimalist jewelry design featuring sterling silver, gemstones, and copper. I draw inspiration from the simple and colorful aspects of my amazing natural surroundings, which lend perfectly to the Boho Chic style. Understated, fun, natural, and elegant- there's nothing I make that I wouldn't wear myself.  You can shop for my jewelry by clicking on the "EMstoneJewelry" shop link below.  

      I also own Silvermine Supply Shop, which started with my surplus of crafting supplies, and grew from there.  I created EMsWhims to share my vintage finds and upcycled creations.  Although the smallest of my shops, EMsWhims is actually my favorite, because it allows me to get all of my quirky ideas out of my head and into the world.  I will find time to create and add more items soon.  

      My "Follow Me" page is devoted to my social media sites, and if you follow me, I will follow you back.  I'm looking forward to networking and being supportive of the creative community.

      If you have custom orders or queries, you can contact me through the "contact"  link under my photo at the top of each of my shop pages.  I can also be reached simply by signing my guestbook here: